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The following photo galleries contain almost 1600 images of perennials and conifers grown at Arrowhead Alpines. All photos were taken by Bob Stewart, in Arrowhead's very own greenhouses and gardens. Yes, Arrowhead grows all the plants you'll see here, but all plants may not be offered in the catalog at this time.

Campanula tridenns
Blue Gallery
60 Images
Abies fraisieri cones
Conifer Gallery 1
101 Images
Picea pungens 'Thompsen'
Conifer Gallery 2
91 Images
Androsace sempervivioides
Green Gallery
127 Images
Echinacaea purpurea 'Rubinstern'
Hot Pink Gallery
115 Images
Convolvulus cantabrica
Pale Pink Gallery 1
104 Images
Paeonia moutan
Pale Pink Gallery 2
93 Images
Canna 'Bengal Tiger'
Orange Gallery
58 Images
Lobelia 'Grape Knee Hi'
Dark Purple Gallery
121 Images
Aster farreri
Light Purple Gallery
139 Images
Paeonia 'Flame'
Red Gallery
63 Images
Lapeirousia laxa Joan Evans
White with Color Gallery
96 Images
Azalea 'Snowflake'
White Gallery 1
106 Images
Trillium flexipes southern form
White Gallery 2
107 Images
Bloomera crocea
Yellow Gallery 1
105 Images
Sarrecenia flava
Yellow Gallery 2
109 Images

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